Simply Smiles

What is Simply Smile?

 adult braces ColechesterSimply Smile braces are made of clear ceramic brackets and tooth coloured wires, the whole brace blends to the colour of your teeth making it very discreet.

Why Choose Simply Smile?

Simply Smile is specifically designed to straighten your front six teeth. Rather than treat how your back teeth bite together we focus on improving your smile. This means treatment is much quicker than traditional orthodontics.

How does Simply Smile work?

Simply Smile braces exert light forces onto your teeth to gently encourage them into their new positions and uses a series of traditional and modified techniques.

Am I Suitable?

Due to the discreet appearance and shorter treatment times of Simply Smile braces, this technique has become popular with adults and people working in the public eye as it does not interfere with their work or socialising.

We have treated many cases where patients main concerns were:

  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Alignment of the gum line
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Correcting flared teeth time of treatment
  • Complexity of treatment

Is the brace invisible?

Simply Smile is made of clear ceramic and is very discreet.

If you prefer your brace to be invisible visit to see lingual braces.

Is there any food that I should avoid eating?

You should follow a healthy diet, avoid sugary foods and also hard crunchy foods which may damage your brace.

Why is treatment so quick?

Because we are simply improving your smile rather than treating your bite which can take around two years.

What do you mean by an improvement?

The front teeth will be straightened, those seen while you smile. Similar to veneers but much healthier than having your teeth drilled.

Will my teeth stay straight after treatment?

As with all orthodontic treatment, we recommend that you wear a retainer to make sure your teeth don't move back to their original position. This can be a small thin piece of wire bonded to the back of your teeth or a specially made removal acrylic retainer worn at night.

Will it hurt?

The fitting of the brace is totally painless. It is normal to experience discomfort from your teeth for a couple of days following fitting and adjustment.

Will it affect my speech?

Not with our Simply Smile brackets which are on the outside of your teeth.



Is Simply Smile suitable for you? Why not book a consultation with one of our approved providers of Simply Smile, where one of our specially trained dentists will be able to listen to your concerns about your teeth and assess you for suitability.

Request a cosmetic consultation

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Advice for Fixed Appliance Advice

Now that your brace has been fitted you may experience a little discomfort in your mouth where the brackets sit against your lips. A ball of the wax we have given you pressed over the bracket at night will help a lot in the initial period to protect any tender areas.

The teeth themselves will also feel slightly tender to bite on for the first 24 hours and after each change of arch wire. You may also find that, for the first few days, your jaw aches because of the pressure of the brace.

If this is the case, you may find a painkiller helps - the sort of thing you might take for a headache will be fine. If the discomfort lasts longer than a few days, please give us a call where a member of our team will give you some advice.


Please take extra care with biting and chewing, especially in the first few weeks.

  • Try to avoid really hard or sticky foods.
  • A normal diet is recommended but special preparation of the food, so as to reduce the chewing required, may be necessary. Please never bite hard against the appliance, and do not chew pencils! High sugar foods and drinks should be kept to a minimum.
  • Hard foods can be eaten with care if you cut them up first!

Keeping things healthy

Thorough cleaning and use of a daily fluoride mouthwash is highly recommended.

Failure to clean around the brackets will result in damage to the enamel of the teeth which will only become noticeable when the appliance is removed.

Please use the orthodontic brush that we have given you along with the Tepe brushes to keep your mouth as clean as possible. You may find the occasional use of a disclosing tablet will help you keep your brace clean.

We will arrange an appointment with one of our hygienists’ for a maintenance appointment; they will guide you on the correct cleaning techniques.

After your treatment is completed, to avoid relapse of the teeth, it is strongly recommended you wear a removable or fixed retainer to maintain the teeth in their new position.


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